Our Philosophy

We believe that every child is a unique individual with their own special qualities that we endeavor to discover and enhance. 

Children reach their highest potential in a nurturing and caring environment that is happy, friendly and welcoming; a place where children can be children and feel safe. 

Children reach their highest potential in an environment that fosters a sense of belonging where children can develop their self-esteem, confidence and identity. A place they feel valued and connected to others.

Children are competent, capable and involved participants in their own learning. Educators’ role is to provide provisions and experiences that extend on children’s interests and encourage investigation and exploration.

Through play-based learning experiences children learn to constructively interact with peers and adults. Relationships are the foundation for learning, as children learn in social context.  Educators are intentional teachers and facilitators of learning and exploration, working collaboratively with children, families and community.

Children should be outdoors as much as indoors. Natural play spaces within outdoor environments lends itself to offering challenges, helping children learn how to be safe and to be aware of others. Natural play spaces provide opportunities and potential for short- and long-term benefits, for children’s physical, mental health and well-being. Having access to the natural environment promotes sustainability and an understanding of the world around them.

That positive encouragement, reinforcement and guidance are tools to promote positive behaviors. Educators support children to make different choices when challenging behavior arises. Educators value the development of self-regulation as a life skill.

Families are the most important influences in a child’s life, and the primary source of information about their child. Therefore, we encourage parent participation and involvement in decision making and the development of the curriculum, we work together on projects and various events throughout the year.

We welcome, support and encourage parent participation. We believe when we enrol a child, we enrol a family. 

Children and their families are encouraged to share their culture, language and home experiences. We embrace and acknowledge cultural and linguistic diversity. All families are treated with equality, regardless of economic status, religion and family circumstances.

We recognise the importance of communication and working in collaboration with families; we strive to build positive relationships and maintain open communications with families.

We believe open honest relationships are essential to providing culturally appropriate experiences within the curriculum.

We recognise the importance of building close community relationships and providing unique perspectives and experiences that link communities and establish relationships.

Health and nutrition play a key role in the development and well being of a child.

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